Friday, July 15, 2011

Kay's Day - 07/15/2011

Today it is one month since Ben passed away. I was afraid it would be a very hard day for me, but so far so good. My brother Keith had spent the night since he had to do some sound readings for his job. He and I headed over to the Caregiver's Support Group at the senior center this morning and Linda met us there. After the group, we went to lunch and then Linda had to go pick up here eye glasses, so Keith and I headed by to my house. Keith left for home and I wanted for Linda to come by to go to my appointment with my attorney with me. We were going to give her the information to set up my Trust, Health Directive and Power Of Attorney. Also she is going to have her paralegal get Ben's name removed from the house. I've done just about all of the other changes, only have a few left, so that was the main thing I wanted them to help me with. I go back to see her on August 5th to sign all of the papers for my Estate Planning. Now I am waiting for my handyman to come by. One of my sprinkler siphon valves is not working right and I need him to put a new one in for me. Also want to ask him about putting an outdoor ceiling fan with a light on my patio so I can start using it more. Ben as never real big about sitting out on the patio, but when the weather is nice, I like to go out there with my computer, or when Keith comes over, we like to go out there and sit in the evenings. Not looking forward to the weekend because they seem to be hard on me, but I'm going to try to stay busy if I can. I need to do some housework and wash the cars.

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  1. I have found too that the weekends can be the hardest time.Seems everyone is busy with their own spouse,as it should be.Hope this one will be filled with activities for you.


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