Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kay's Day - 07/07/2011

Well I still had rats on the patio last night. I decided to get rid of the 1/2 bag of birdseed I had and give up on feeding the little feathered friends except for the hummers. I only paid $5.00 for the birdseed so…anyway, hopefully once all the birdseed is off the patio and plucked out of the grass by the lawn mower and by the birds and rats, the rats will stop coming every night. I also went to Wal-Mart this morning an bought some D-Con Rat Pellets and put them out on the patio. My niece Darrah told me that she used them in their basement once and that they really do kill the rats, so I hope that will do the job. I noticed that the rats did not take the poison cube I put out yesterday. They left it right where it was, but I also put out 2 more of them just in case they want to take them back to their nest. Didn't get to sleep until around midnight again. Took a sleep aid which made me groggy when I woke up this morning around 6:15 am. I took my blood pressure meds and then went back to bed and didn't get up until around 8:00 am. Had breakfast and then went to buy Ben's Lotto ticket (I'm still playing it for him), then went and put gas in the 4Runner and then over to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. Came home and put the rat poison out and got rid of the bird seed. Watched TV all morning then went over to my insurance agent's office to have the take Ben's name off of our auto insurance, homeowner's insurance and earthquake insurance. Also filled out the paperwork to inherit Ben's ROTH IRA and take his name off of our joint investment account. Every time I remove his name from something we had together, it puts another knife through my heart. Took Linda over to her eye doctor but the ended up not dilating her eyes this time. I need to make an eye appointment for myself soon. Time for dinner.


  1. I can feel the pain you experience as you take care of all these thing. In time it will all be done and you can focus on the healing process.

  2. We keep the birds seeds in a 5 gallon bucket on the porch. I haven't seen any signs of rats. At first the squirrels chewed the lid but I put a small BBQ grill cover over it so no more squirrels getting into it. Plenty of those out in the yard. I hope your day goes well today. Helen


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