Friday, July 1, 2011

Kay's Day - 07/01/2011

Before I went to my group this morning, I went by the clubhouse office to pay my land lease and also to confirm that I will be using the clubhouse for Ben's memorial on July 23rd.  I then went to the Caregiver's Support Group at the senior center this morning. Only 6 people plus the Judy (the therapist) showed up today. I guess the others are either heading out of town for July 4th or out shopping for BBQ's etc. I mentioned at the group that I had considered quitting that group since I now go to the Grief Support Group, but again they told me they want to me continue coming and Judy said "it's like the mafia…once you are in, you cannot get out". Then she laughed. A couple of the ladies asked me to join them for lunch, but I bowed out. I was not in the mood to go out to lunch today plus I needed to go by the grocery store on the way home and get a few more things for when Keith is here over the weekend. The store was pretty crowded with shoppers. When I got home, I fixed myself some lunch and watched my soap. I got the telephone bill from AT&T in the mail. I saw that the collect call that Ben made from the hospital that one night he was so upset and called me on the bill. I started to cry because I remember how upset he was that night and how much he wanted to talk. I could not believe that that one call cost over $20. Ben would have had a fit if he knew that. He hated AT&T. I also received a letter from Lockheed (the company that I used to work for) telling me that they need an original copy of Ben's death certificate by July 16th to take his name off of my health insurance plan so I won't have to keep paying for him on the premium. I won't have the certificates until tomorrow and then I need to call Lockheed with some questions and I cannot do that until Tuesday. They don't give you much time to get things sent to them. It got up to 101°F here today, so obviously I did not do an afternoon walk. Keith will be here around 10:00 or 10:30 am tomorrow morning and we will head right over to the mortuary to pick up Ben's ashes.

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  1. Prayers with you tomorrow as you pick up Ben's ashes. I'm glad your brother will be there with you. Take care, Sheila


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