Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kay's Day - 07/16/2011

As usual, I didn't get to sleep until about midnight. Even though I go to bed around 10:00 am, I just lay there awake. Got up around 7:00 am and headed over to the Home Depot and bought an indoor/outdoor ceiling fan/light for my patio. Came back home and did a load of laundry and deep cleaned my master bathroom. Went online and answered email and checked out Facebook, then I turned on the TV and watched some of the home improvement shows on HGTV. That's about all I watch most of the day, every day. Had my lunch and then my handyman came by and fixed my sprinkler siphon. He told me he will come back on Tuesday after he gets off work here in the community and install the fan on the patio. Decided to watch a movie on a DVD. Now it's just a little after 4:00 pm and I just had a crying jag. I got to thinking how Ben would be coming home in about 45 minutes if he had been at work today. God I miss him so much.


  1. I hope you can enjoy your patio more with the fan out there. Sounds like the place to read a good book. Helen

  2. The fan will be a nice addition to the patio.Crying is OK,it helps to relieve some of the tension.

  3. Cry when you need to cry, that will help the healing. I bet the fan will be a welcome addition, enjoy. Sheila


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