Friday, February 10, 2012

1 Walk - 1 Hike Day

Another beautiful day here this morning when we woke up. You would not know that it was winter here in SoCal. Made breakfast for me and Hiker (she gets a poached egg when I do) and then I headed over to the bank and stopped by Big Lots on my way home to pick up a flash drive for my photos. Then when I got home, Hiker and I went for a 2.47 mile walk. Took us about 45 minutes. It was almost 70° when we left just before 10:00 am. We walked down the normal route and then cut over and walked around the parameter of the Jr. High School. I think Hiker was pooped when we got home because she “collapsed” on the floor in front of the open front door and went to sleep. Got a notice from our community today stating that “someone” has been going up on the porches of the homes in our gated community and rattling the doors to see if they find any unlocked. I guess this is happening very early in the morning and people have been awakened by the noise. Last night around 8:00 pm Hiker was growling and barking at the front door and the hair on her neck was standing up. I went to check and saw nothing. That's why I hate to tell her to stop barking when she barks at neighbors or people walking by because I want her to guard her home and protect me. The notice also said that the community and Time Warner still have not come to an agreement about the Internet connections here. I sure hope TW doesn't drop us because I would rather not switch to a new Internet provider. I like having cable. It's faster than DSL and I hate to think that I might have to work with AT&T again to get an Internet connection. I contacted Verizon to see if their FiOS Internet was available in my area, but it's not. They told me they could offer me some promotions for AT&T U-Verse Internet which I thought was strange because I was talking with Verizon NOT AT&T. I took Hiker up to PetSmart this afternoon and she and I just wandered around the store looking at everything. We found a box in the back of the store with “clearance” dog toys in it. Hiker picked out two new toys. A little orange spotted snake and a little black and white whale. On the way home, she had her head in the plastic bag trying to get to them. Linda had texted me around lunchtime that she wanted to take an afternoon walk, so Hiker and I are going to pick her up around 3:30 pm and head over to Central Park for another walk. It got up to 80° again today. Hiker and I got back from our short hike with Linda just before 5:00 pm.

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