Sunday, February 12, 2012

Keeping Busy On A Sunday

Got up to a sunny morning, but it is supposed to rain tomorrow into Tuesday. Made breakfast and then headed over to get my Lottery tickets and up to Sam's Club to fill the Corolla with gas. Was going to head for home, but decided to drive over to Bridgeport Park. I had Hiker with me, so thought it was a good time for a walk. We did two miles on the walk/bike path that goes along the riverbed and around behind the Lowe's Center. We did 2 miles then headed home. I didn't get to vacuum when I had that head cold so I needed to do it today because Hiker's hair is everywhere. I think I vacuumed up enough hair to cover a very large collie (LOL). I had washed my sheets before we left so I got them out of the dryer and made the bed. Sure takes me a lot longer to make that California King bed by myself than it did when Ben used to help me make it. Someday, I'll probably buy a smaller bed. Played ball in the backyard with Hiker after lunch and then we went for another 1 mile walk. A few clouds started to blow in around 2:00 pm. Watched a movie on The Hallmark Channel called “Straight From The Heart”. It was filmed in Wyoming and had some really beautiful scenery.

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