Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sad Day

Was not as stuffed up this morning as I have been the last 3 mornings. Still don't feel all that well though. Have a slight headache, I'm coughing and I feel a little weak. I keep telling Hiker that I promise as soon as I get well, I will take her for a hike. She seems to understand because she stopped going for her leash which is hanging on the door. The first couple of days, she would go over and pull on her leash with her teeth and she stopped doing that now. I was running out of orange juice so I went over to the grocery story to pick some up and while I was there, I picked up a few other things I needed. I took Hiker with me. She seems happy as long as she's with me, so I try to take her with me when I can. She understands when we are going to go somewhere in the car because I tell her “we are going in the car” and she goes out the door and goes around to the passenger side of the car and waits for me to open the door for her. When I say “let's go to bed” she runs into the bedroom, jumps on the bed and curls up by Ben's pillow. We just hung out all day at home again...watching TV and working my jigsaw puzzle. Hiker kept bringing toys to me to toss around for her. Got a call from my Cousin Lynda this afternoon that her mom (my mom's last sibling) had just passed away. We knew it was coming as she was 88 years old and sick. She was down to 78 lbs.

In loving memory of my Aunt Wanda


  1. Sympathy in the loss of your aunt.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your Aunt :( Aww...thats so cute that Hiker goes for her leash when she wants to go for a walk!! I hope that you start feeling better soon so you both can go for a walk or two!!! :)


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