Friday, February 17, 2012

New Cable Box

Got up 30 minutes earlier than normal today because Time Warner was sending a technician out to install my new cable box. Our community has a new contract with them and we are getting our cable boxes for free and we will get 500 channels for the same price we were paying for 100 channels. I'm really pleased with the arrangement, but I still may be losing my Time Warner Internet on April 30th. Our community and TW are still in negotiations for the Internet, however as of right now, they are miles apart on an agreement. Have also heard that the community is considering setting up their own WiFi encrypted network just for our community. That would be fine with me if they do, but I sure hope they get something done before April 30th because I do NOT want to be without my Internet! I guess if they don't come up with something, I will have to see about getting AT&T DSL installed or something. I am eligible to upgrade my cell phone the end of this month, so when my brother Keith comes to visit in early March, I am going to see about getting an iPhone and then I will at least of an Internet connection on my phone until I can get the home Internet straightened out, but I won't be online as much on my phone. Got up to almost 80° here today. Hiker and I did a short 1 mile walk this morning right after the cable tech was here and the we did a 1.5 mile walk after lunch.

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  1. Exciting about the new channels. That is going to keep you busy surfing instead of hiking! lol I would die if I lost internet connection. So many of my friends are in here in this little laptop! Hope that works out. 80 degrees? Oh my! It's gonna snow here tomorrow!

    Well, I love that YoWindow NWS weather gadget. I may have to check that out. Hope you have a great day today. My only "have to" is going to get my hair cut and that is an enjoyable thing. They give massaging shampoos and I love having people fix my hair!


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