Friday, February 24, 2012

Sore Feet

Another night of not getting to sleep until after midnight. Got up at our normal time and made breakfast then I went out to pick up some things I needed at the store. Hiker was so excited because she thought she was going to go with me and I started out the door with her but then realized how hot it was outside already and brought her right back into the house and told her she had to stay home. She looked so sad and I felt so bad about it because she had been so happy to be going with me at first, but I didn't want to leave her in a hot car while I was in the store. By 9:00 am it was already 70° and windy. The Santa Ana Winds always blow hot winds and bring the temps up. When I got back from the store, I immediately took Hiker out for a short 1 mile walk because I had felt so bad about disappointing her. The blisters on the balls of my feet started to hurt me again, so we didn't stay out long. I had hoped they were not blisters, but they are. By 11:00 am, it was almost 80°. I cannot believe how beautiful the weather has been, but they say starting Sunday it will change and we will have the marine layer and possible drizzle. I noticed last night that all of my new TV channels had unscrambled already. That was not supposed to happen until February 29th, so now I supposedly have about 500 channels, but a lot of those are sports channels and/or duplicate channels, but I have a lot more than I did before. Sure hope the blisters on my feet heal quickly. I can hardly walk now. Hiker wants to go for her afternoon walk and I cannot take her. It was hard enough for me to walk up to the mailbox earlier. Hope the blisters heal over the weekend.


  1. Show your blisters to hiker let her sniff them and she will understand why you can't walk. Hope they improve soon.

  2. Hiker is so cute, Hopefully she will enjoy some walk during the weekend. Take care and have a Happy weekend!


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