Sunday, February 26, 2012

OK, so Hiker normally wakes me up around 5:30 to 5:45 am to go outside to potty, then she comes back to bed and sleeps with me until around 6:15 to 6:30 am when she wakes me up again so I'll feed her. She usually starts crying, licking my ears and barking and won't stop until I get up and do what needs to be done. This morning, I woke up and noticed it was already light outside. Sat up and looked at the clock and it was almost 6:45 and Hiker was not in the room with me. I called her and she came running in and jumped up on the bed, so I got up and let her outside and then fed her. Either she did not try to wake me up this morning, which I find very strange, or she did try to wake me up and was not able to do so. But that would be strange too, because as I said, she usually licks my ears and barks and does not stop until she wakes me up. She also will “claw” at me with her front feet if I don't pay attention to her. I got dressed and had my breakfast, then I went to get my Lottery tickets and also went to Stater Brothers to get so soda pop that was on sale. Took Hiker out for a short 1 mile walk and then came home and put my sheets and towels into the washer, vacuumed Hiker's hair out of the carpet and also ran the dishwasher. After lunch I took Hiker over to Central Park and we walked around a little and sat on the grass and watched people for awhile. I noticed that every park I drove by that there was a lot of families in them. I'm assuming that with the economy, people go to places not far from home to save on gasoline and parks are always free. Sundays still get to me when it comes to missing Ben. Sundays just feel lonelier than other days. I think about Ben all of the time, but for some reason, on Sundays I seem to have more thoughts and memories about him.

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