Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Day For Doing Nothing

Hiker and I stayed in bed an extra hour this morning. Wasn't sleeping, we were watching TV. When we got up earlier for Hiker to go potty, there was a thick marine layer outside, but when we got up, the marine layer was gone and the sun was out. Put a small beef roast with some potatoes in the crock pot for dinner tonight and then did a load of laundry. Hiker and I have been eating pretty good this week. Last week when I went shopping, I bought a rotisserie chicken at Sam's Club, which we have been eating off of all week...dinners, sandwiches, etc. Last night I made a small meatloaf for dinner and now tonight the roast. Did not go out for any walks today because my feet were still a little bit sore, but they were a lot better than they were yesterday. I could barely walk on them last night. Watched TV, was on my computer and worked on my latest jigsaw puzzle. I took a fall today. I ate my lunch in front of the TV with my tray as usual. When I got up to take my tray into the kitchen, I tripped over the small ottoman next to the sofa and felt myself falling, so I just let it happen. I think when we stiffen up and try to catch ourselves we are more apt to break something. Luckily I have carpeting so my fall was cushioned. Hiker jumped off the sofa and started barking and going crazy then she slowly crawled over to me on her belly and the hair on her back was standing on end. Don't know what she was thinking. Anyway, now my back is hurting some because I must have twisted it when I fell. Actually, my entire body aches. Will have to soak in a hot tub tonight.


  1. Hope the hot tub soak helps. Those falls can happen so quickly. Bet that really scared Hiker.

  2. Hope you are ok and hope you fix whatever the trip hazard was so that does not happen again. Hiker would be disappointed not to get her daily walk!! Hope you feel better tomorrow. Glad you are eating some good meals. Sounds good!

  3. I hope your back is lots better today. Poor Hiker didn't know what was going on. Helen


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