Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Doggie

Seems like I start to feel better at night just before I go to bed but then when I wake up in the morning, I'm all stuffed up and feeling bad again. Everyone I talk to who has had this or has it now tells me that it takes weeks to get over it. Linda sent me a message this morning that she was going to go out and get me a Neti Pot and bring it over and show me how to use it. I researched YouTube and found videos there on how to use one. Linda came by around 11:30 am and brought the Neti Pot. After she left, I had lunch and then used the pot. It cleared my passages, but made my ears feel strange. I know that the sinuses and ears are all connected, so I know that's why I'm having that sensation. I was actually breathing through my nose again! It's weird how when you passages are really clear how you can actually feel the air flowing through them. I decided I really needed to get out of the stale air of the house and Hiker has been wanting to go for a walk so bad. I decided to take her out for a very short walk. She was so happy to be out walking with me. We didn't go very far and we walked slowly, but she was satisfied. It got up to 76° here today.

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