Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm Getting Better Each Day

Felt better when I got up this morning. I've been using the Neti Pot daily and I think it is helping. Thank you Linda for bringing it to me. I decided to continue resting all weekend because I want to get totally well before I get back to walking Hiker, cleaning house etc. I would not want to have a relapse. After having watched a very good movie on Hallmark and having my lunch, I decided to go out to the patio and sit in Ben's easy chair (which Keith and I had moved out to the patio from the house in December). Brought my computer out and let Hiker run around the yard. She seems to stay outside longer if I'm outside with her and she needs to get out and play since we have not been able to go for our walks. Plus I need the fresh air. I've been in the house for 7 days and I'm sure the air inside gets very stale. While we were out there, I noticed an aggressive hummingbird hanging around the hook where I usually have the feeder. He was really making noise with his wings. So not only are my flowers blooming early, the hummers are coming back. So I filled the feeder and I'm hoping he will return.


  1. Our hummingbirds usually come here around March 15th. Doesn't seem possible its that time of year already. Glad you are feeling better.

  2. Hope that Hummer helps to speed your healing.

  3. Hello Kay

    Glad that you are feeling better!!!!! Thats good that you got to go outside for a little while and Hiker could run around some!! : ) Glad to hear about the little hummingbird- those little birds are always so nice to watch flap their little wings ( you can barely even tell sometimes that they have wings they flap so fast!!) Great post Kay!!

  4. Hi Kay, I am happy to hear you are feeling better. Wow, how nice to be able to sit outside and watch the hummers. I am sure the hummer appreciate the filled feeder. Take care and have a Happy Sunday!

  5. Sorry to hear that you have been sick. Hope the sunshine, fresh air and the hummer all help.


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