Monday, November 18, 2013

Another Day....A Little Less Pain

I'm beginning to wonder how long this backache is going to last. When I've been in this situation before, the pain usually lasts no more than 3 to 4 days. Today is the 6th day. I supposed it's because I'm getting older so things take longer to heal. I'm trying to not let it depress me. I really need to get better because I'm going to have to go grocery shopping sometime this week and I need to be able to walk around the store with no problem. I called Jean this morning and told her I couldn't do a dog walk but for her to bring the dogs over to play with Hiker in my backyard for awhile. Hiker needs to play since I have not been able to walk her or play with her. I probably won't be going to my support group tomorrow because I would not be able to sit in those hard chairs for 2 hours. Jean and her dogs stayed for about 2 ½ hours. Hiker was so happy to see the other dogs. Jean also had Rev, the cockapoo puppy that she takes care of now and then with her. Hiker and Rev were playing and lot together. After they all went home, Hiker and I drove down to the liquor store to buy my lottery tickets. At least I was able to do that but my back was hurting a little more after I drove the car. Did a little reading this afternoon. It's nice to be able to once again read a book and comprehend what I'm reading. For such a long time after Ben died, I could not do that.

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