Friday, November 15, 2013

Long Day At Kaiser

Still no relief with my back this morning so I called my neighbor Jean to see if she could take me over to Kaiser Urgent Care. I checked my doctor's office online to see if he had any openings today but he didn't. Kaiser's Urgent Care is have to make an appointment with them, which I didn't know. So we get over to the facility and I go to check in and they asked me if I'd called my own doctor and I told them I had checked online and he didn't have any openings. So they check their schedule and said the first opening in Urgent Care was at 11:20 am. Being that it was only 9:30 am, Jean and I drove back to my house and then headed back over there later for my appointment. While she was at my house, she took Hiker out for a walk since I have not been able to take her out for 3 days. We were wondering if Hiker would be hesitant to go with Jean since I was not going with them. She was a little...kept looking back to see if I was coming along. Jean said that Hiker kept looking up at her and then would stop, lay down and expose her belly to Jean. We don't know if she did that because Hiker knows that Jean rubs her belly whenever she see's Hiker or if it was Hiker's way of telling Jean that she didn't want to walk and that she wanted to go home. So off they went down the street and Jean decided to go over by the community office and visit with Marcie for a few minutes. When she said “Hiker, are you ready to go home” Hiker yanked Jean out the door and practically ran the rest of the way home pulling Jean along behind her. When the got back to my house, Hiker immediately ran up to me on the sofa and started kissing me. Jean and I headed back over to Kaiser for my appointment. The doctor spoke with me and prescribed some prescriptions (an anti-inflammatory and a non-steroid muscle relaxant) then she had a physical therapist come in and work with me for about 10 or 15 minutes. He felt the tightness in my lower left back muscle and he told me my back joints were a little out of alignment, so he did a couple of procedures on me to realign them and then he showed me some exercises to do to help my back muscles get stronger. He told me to try to do a few of them each day. I told him the ones I'd been doing and he said they were good also. He pretty much said if I start doing these stretching exercises regularly that I should eventually have no back problems. He told me to call or email him in 2 weeks to let me know how I'm doing and if I'm still in pain, he will have me come in and align my back some more. I'm hoping the prescriptions will do the job. I normally do not go to the doctor for something like this, as I have had this problem off and on for about 20 years, but the pain was so severe this time that I decided to go. After we picked up my prescriptions, we headed over to McDonald's. I don't normally like McDonald's but I told Jean I was buying since she was nice enough to driver me back and forth to Kaiser twice today, so I let her pick where we would eat. Took the meds with my lunch to get them started in my system. Hopefully they will now kick in and the pain will go away. Today would have been my mom and dad's 75th wedding anniversary.

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  1. glad you got some help for your back. I'm going to have to get some help for mine if it doesn't improve.


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