Friday, November 22, 2013

Cold And Windy Day

Last night a little after 7 pm, Hiker and I were sitting on the sofa watching TV when the sky opened up and it poured down rain and hail for about 30 minutes. It scared Hiker. She ran into the bedroom, up onto the bed and borrowed under the covers. We were supposed to do a dog walk with Jean this morning but she called me around 6:30 and said maybe we could do the dog walk this afternoon when she and I get home from shopping because it was so wet and muddy out this morning. I agreed. Jean had to have an eye exam this morning to get some new eye glasses, so we went to Kaiser first so she could do that, then we went to Soup Plantation for lunch. I'd never been there and I was not very impressed. I was surprised to see how many people were there. They have a nice salad bar, and if you ask me, they should be called “Salad Plantation” (LOL). We left there and went to Best Buy so I could get some ink for my printer, then we went to the Saugus Drug Store. They are a “mom and pop” drug store so they always have “fun” stuff for sale there, especially when it gets close to Christmas. After leaving there, we headed up to Bed, Bath & Beyond, then Pet Smart and then Big Lots. Headed for home and took the dogs for the walk we'd promised them I bought Hiker a little squeaky Santa and Pet Smart. I hid it in a plastic bag when I got home to see if she could find it. She did and she put her head in the bag and grabbed the Santa and started running all around the house squeaking it. We let the dogs play on my patio for about 40 minutes and then Jean headed home. It was very cold here all day. Our high was 50° and it was very windy. May put a log on the fire tonight.

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