Friday, November 29, 2013

Rainy Friday

Well my plans for today were squelched by rain. We were supposed to do a dog walk with Jean and then I was going to start putting up Christmas lights on the outside of the house. But that's OK. We really need the rain. We had showers off and on all day, so Hiker and I didn't get any chance to get out for a walk or play in the yard. I watched a movie on Amazon Prime called “Message In A Bottle”. I had never heard of it, but I liked it. The forecast for tomorrow says sunny and in the 70s so hopefully Hiker and I will be able to get a walk in plus I'll try to put up the outdoor Christmas lights after my gardener comes by and mows the lawn. Jean and I are planning on going to our community craft fair on Sunday. I thought they picked a strange day to have it as they are having it on a Sunday instead of Saturday, plus it's a long holiday weekend, so a lot of people will be out of town.

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