Friday, November 8, 2013

Grooming Day

Was so sleepy when I woke up this morning. I had been dreaming that I was out shopping with some of my retired girlfriends from Lockheed. We were getting all kinds of discount cards for some reason. It was cold when Hiker and I got up to get ready for our dog walk with Jean...thermometer on my patio read 40°. I discovered that those studio lights I saw the other night that I thought were in our community were actually up on the hill outside of our community filming in someone's backyard. With it being dark and the lights being so bright, it was hard to tell exactly where they were but once it was daylight and I looked towards where I saw them, I could tell it was outside of our community. But I did see two big white studio trucks drive up my street earlier that evening. After our morning dog walk, Hiker and I went over to Jean's so Hiker could get groomed. Didn't have Jean shave her this time since winter will be coming. I want Hiker to have her longer fur so she can keep warm. After lunch I went over to Sam's Club to see if they had gotten the food I usually buy for Hiker in stock. I usually buy her the Member's Mark Simply Right” chicken and rice kibble. They have not had it the last 3 times I've been there, but they did have the same brand in lamb and rice so I bought that for her. I hope she will like the lamb. She is pretty good about eating just about any brand I do buy for her.

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  1. I used to hate dreaming about work then waking up and having to go to work...ha. Do you have a tractor supply store near you? They might have some dog food you'd like. I went there the other day and found some for my dogs. What I got was called 4health, no wheat or corn , made with chicken and was reasonably priced.


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