Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Decorating Done (At Least Mine Is)

I stayed up watching the Garth Brooks special last night. It ran a little past 11 pm and just watching him run all over the stage made me so hyper that I was wide awake and when I went to bed, I didn't fall asleep until after midnight. So...Hiker and I slept in until 8 am. Well, I should say I slept in. Hiker kept trying to wake me up so I'd play with her. After a bowl of cereal, I went out to the garage and found my outdoor Christmas lights and started putting them up. My neighbor Jean happened to drive by and saw me on the ladder so she stopped and asked if I'd like some help. I said “sure”, so she went home and put her car away and then came over and helped me with the rest of the lights. I also put a little 2 foot Christmas tree on my porch. It's got fiber optic branches so it lights up nicely. This is the first Christmas I've put any kind of Christmas decorations up since Ben died. This is my third Christmas without him. After we finished my house, I took a little break as I needed to wait for my gardener to come do the lawn and I needed to be here so I could pay him. After he left, Hiker and I headed over to Jean's house to help her put up here Christmas yard decorations. She has TONS of them that she has bought at craft fair through the years. Last year she one third place for best decorated house/yard at our community Christmas party. Just like last year, I was at her house for about 3 hours helping her put up all of those decorations and we still didn't finish! So tomorrow after we walk the dogs and then go to our community's craft fair at our clubhouse, Hiker and I will once again head over to Jean's house to finish what we didn't get done today. I needed this good day of work as for the past 2 days, I did nothing but stay inside the house watching movies.

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