Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More Computer Installation At Jean's

Slept in some this morning. It was windy today, but not blustery. Jean came over just before 10 am and Keith and I took her over to Best Buy for her to buy a new printer. She bought one similar to mine but a less expensive than the model I purchased awhile back. After we left Best Buy and we went over to PetCo and looked around then went across the street and Jean bought lunch for Keith and me. We came back home and I set the printer up for Jean, connecting it wirelessly and setting up the fax machine on it. Because of the wind here today, we are under a “red-flag” fire warning here in our area. We were way behind in rain fall totals last season and so far this season we are way low again so everything is very dry. We went for an afternoon walk near home today. I tried a different GPS walking app on my phone but I didn't like it as much as the “MayMyFitness” app. Hopefully they will fix the bugs on it that are causing it not to read accurately.

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