Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cloudy Day

Was cool and cloudy when Hiker and I got out of bed this morning and it stayed that way all day Wish we would have gotten some rain out of those clouds.. Decided to go to my support group at the Senior Center today even though I didn't really feel like going. I wasn't sick or anything, just felt more like hanging out at home. But I've been doing “nothing” since my brother Keith visited so I needed to get out and about again. Had a full house at group today. A new lady came. She lost her aunt who she had been a caregiver for and she said she didn't grieve right away, but now it has hit her. We let her tell us her story and she cried. She kept apologizing for crying and we all told her that she did not need to apologize and that it was good that she was getting it all out. There had been a time when our group seemed to be getting a little smaller, but now it has increased in size again. Glad I went. After group, three of us went to lunch at Jimmy Dean's Grill and then I headed home to Hiker.

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