Thursday, February 20, 2014

Busy Day

Got up at 7 am and had breakfast and then finished shampooing my carpets. I still had the dining area and living room to do and I finished it all in about 2 hours. Hiker and I spent a couple of hours in our bedroom watching TV while the carpet dried. Shampooing the carpet used to be one of the things I didn't mind doing, but now I am getting to where I do not like doing it. Eventually I will probably start having it done by professionals. Got a call that my taxes are ready for me to pick up. Think I will wait and do that tomorrow afternoon. I'm too tired to go get it this afternoon. I've also been having some problems with my stomach today. I've decided after seeing my cholesterol results from my blood work yesterday that I need to lose some weight and get back into a regular exercise schedule. Yesterday I started my new “diet” which is a small breakfast, BIG lunch and only salad for dinner. I'm sure my cholesterol is up because I've gained about 10 lbs since the last time I had my blood work done. Last year my numbers were still high, but they were lower than they had been in ages. This time they were higher than they have been in quite awhile. I got into eating both a big lunch and a big dinner and doing less exercise. I used to walk every day and sometimes even twice a day. Since last summer, I have only been walking maybe once or twice a week. As most of you know, I cannot take statins to lower my cholesterol because they give me muscle and joint cramps. My doctor told me to take OTC Red Yeast Rice. He wanted me to take 2400mg per day. I tried that for about 2 months last year but the RYR was also giving me muscle and joint cramps so I cut the dosage in half. Tried that for a few months and eventually, that also gave me muscle and joint cramps, so I just stopped taking it.

Here is a photograph I took of Hiker last evening.

"Oh Oh....the bed exploded"

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  1. I know people who swear by the Red Yeast Rice. But if it gives you problems you shouldn't take it.


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