Monday, February 24, 2014

Warm Monday

Slept in this morning because we did not have our normal dog walk with Jean and her dogs. She had a dental appointment this morning. Beautiful morning here this morning even though they claim we are going to get 1” to 2” of rain this weekend. Guess we will just wait and see. Figures it is supposed to rain Friday. That's the day Jean is driving me to Kaiser for my second eye injection. I did some housework this morning and then settled down to watch some TV. Thought my main laptop had died on me this morning. I was on Facebook when it suddenly just shut off. I could not get it to start again. I checked the plug that goes into the laptop and it was OK. I texted Keith and he told me to try starting it in “safe mode” and that didn't work, then I noticed that the main plug had come out of the surge strip that is plugged into the wall socket. OOPS! Guess the batter had totally drained. I hadn't even noticed that it had come unplugged and I'm not even blonde (LOL). I was thinking I was going to have to use some of my tax refund on a new laptop. I have another laptop, but I like to always have 2 in case one does die. Awhile back, Jean had given me an article in The Magazine Of Santa Clarita about a dog photo contest. I don't think there is a prize, just bragging rights, but I went ahead and set Hikers photo to them on Valentine's Day. Today I got an email from them telling me how beautiful she is. They said they are getting so many great photos that they are having trouble picking the best one so they are going to post her photo on their Facebook page and have people vote. I will let everyone where to go on Facebook to vote for her when the voting starts. After lunch, Hiker and I went and got some gas for the car at Sam's Club and then we headed over to Central Park in Saugus and took a nice walk around the park. Was 80° here today.

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  1. Oh how exciting about Hiker's photo. I hope she wins.


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