Friday, February 21, 2014

It's Friday!

Up at 6 am to get ready for our dog walk with Jean. We were out walking by 7:15. The dogs were all excited because they had not seen each other for a week. On the way back to my house we had to stop at our neighbor Chris's house so Jean could pick up Chris's dog Patches to groom her today. I'm going to brag about how smart Hiker is again (LOL). Chris lives across the street from me. We were walking up the street and normally Hiker will pull me to cross to my side of the street down on the corner but today I told Hiker that we had to go pick up Patches, so Hiker stayed on Chris's side of the street and when we got to Chris's driveway, Hiker turned and went right up to Chris's porch. She knew which house Patches lives at. Makes me so mad....I have cut down on my food portions and got some exercise in the past 2 days and what happens? I gain half a pound instead of losing any. Grrrr! I went to do my grocery shopping this morning and then after lunch, Hiker and I drove up to La Canada to pick up my taxes. I have not had to pay to either Feds or State in 33 years. The first year Ben and I were married, we had to pay the state of California $800. This year is the first time I've owed anything and that is once again to the state of California. I owe them a lousy $2! When we got back home, took Hiker down to the park for a short walk. It was 82° here today.

My blue iris is blooming. This plant was a gift from my office when I retired 8 years ago.


  1. I know how you feel I lose 2 and gain 3. Hiker is a smart hiker they know more then we think.
    Love the iris mine are just peeking up out of the cold ground.

  2. Hiker is smart, for sure. LOVE the pretty blue iris.


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