Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fun Day With Hiker And My Brother Keith

Had a dream about Ben last night. I have not dreamt about him in ages. I was dreaming that I was at the DMV office doing some kind of paperwork on my car. It was really crowded as usual. It was strange because they had a counter where they had me sit. I was getting frustrated because I was having trouble making the guy there understand want I needed. When this guy would talk to me, he spoke very softly and I could not hear what he was saying and he kept getting up from his chair and wandering around behind the counter. Suddenly I noticed that Ben was sitting next to me at the counter. I could see him but no one else could. He kept saying that the guy behind the counter was a jerk. This is the first time Ben has spoken in any of the dreams I've had about him. Ben kept wandering off just like he did when he was alive. He could never just sit in one place for too long. He came back with a small rock in his hand and said “look at this cool rock I found” and he handed it to me. It was black and looked like a chuck of blacktop, but I told him it was pretty and that I'd keep it. The guy behind the counter handed me a piece of paper to sign and the printing on it was very light and I could not read it. I refused to sign it and Ben told me it was good that I did that. The dream seemed to go on for quite awhile before Hiker woke me up, so I don't know how it ended other than her waking me up. We headed over to Elsmere Canyon and hiked the Creek Trail. We did about 2 miles round trip. There are some really cool cliffs in that canyon. Keith had never hiked there before so I think he enjoyed it. Came home and dropped off Hiker and then Keith and I went to lunch at Carl's Jr. After lunch we headed over to the Goodwill Store and looked around, then stopped by Big Lots. They had those “Topsy Turvy” tomato growers for $1.50 so I bought one, then headed up to buy a tomato plant at Lowe's. I should have bought some potting soil, but didn't so we will probably go to Wal-Mart tomorrow morning so I can get some. Beautiful warm day here. Got up to about 85° with bright sunshine.

Me and Hiker in Elsmere Canyon

My brother Keith in Elsmere Canyon


  1. Dreams have a way of bringing comfort to our lives when they include loved ones. Looks like you, Keith and Hiker had a great day.

  2. A nice outing with your brother and Hiker! The scenery sounds lovely!


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