Sunday, February 9, 2014

Foggy/Cloudy Sunday

Slept in a little while again this morning. When we got out of bed, it was foggy outside. After grabbing a bowl of cereal, I put the sheets and towels into the washer, emptied out the dish washer and then got to work on shampooing the small front bedroom and the short hallway that leads into it. Once it dries and I vacuum and put things back into the room, half of the carpet in the house will be shampooed. Don't know yet when I will get to the other half because I have a busy week and then Keith is coming to visit next weekend. Once I turned on the fans to help the carpet dry, I headed over to Big Lots to see if they had any “double hook” shepherd's hooks for my yard. I want one with 2 hooks so I can put a hummer feeder on one hook and a suet feeder on the other hook, then I'll move the single hook one I have now to the other side of the house in front of my kitchen window and I'll hang another hummer feeder on it. Big Lots usually carries the double hook ones, but this time they only had the single hook ones. Ben and I never went to the theater to see first run movies, so now I am catching up on movies with Amazon Prime and Netflix. Last night I watched “The Out Of Towners” from 1970 with Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis. Cute movie. If you are a Meryl Streep fan or a Kevin Bacon fan, or just a fan of suspense/adventure movies, you need to watch “The River Wild”. I know it's old (1994) but worth a watch. I had never heard of it until I watched it. Kevin is evil and Meryl is courageous.

Hiker was looking in the dryer for her toy that had to be washed today. She almost crawled into the drying to find it.

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  1. Thanks for the movie suggestions. Hiker looks cute with her nose in the dryer trying to find her toy.


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