Friday, February 28, 2014

Very Rainy Day

Woke up around midnight last night and hear it raining a little bit, but then I woke up again around 4:30 am and it was pouring and the wind was howling. Sounded like a hurricane. Could not go back to sleep. When Jean picked me up at 9:15 to head down to Kaiser, it was not raining as hard, but still as coming down some. We decided to take surface streets over there instead of the freeway because we had heard that the freeways were full of accidents. My doctor's office didn't seem as crowded today as it was a month ago. I mentioned to him that I was having some blurry vision in my left eye now. When they checked my vision, It was still 20/20 in the left eye with my glasses on, but I kept seeing some “cloudiness”. My doctor checked my left eye out before giving me the injection in my right eye. He said I have a “fluid detachment” that is leaking and causing me to have floaters which have been causing the “cloudiness” in the left eye. He said eventually the floater will fall down out of my central vision so I should not have the “cloudiness” after that. He said it was a very common thing. The injection seemed to go easier this time around. There was a woman in the next room, probably in her 80's, having her first injection and I heard her moaning and crying when they injected her. I heard the doctor say “you started yelling before I even did the injection”. When the aide was washing her eye after the injection, she continued to moan and groan. Jean said when the woman came out to the lobby, she commented “this is the worst day of my life”. I don't know what her problem was because you don't have any pain at all when they inject the eye. We got back over to Santa Clarita and it started to pour down rain again. I took Jean to Sizzler for lunch to say “thanks” for driving me down there. Still pouring down rain right now. They claim “it never rains in California”, but when it does, it POURS! We are under a flash flood warning right now.

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  1. Saw on the news the serious conditions the rain is bringing out there. Stay safe. Glad your eye isn't hurting.


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