Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Waiting For The Rain To Come

Hiker and I got up at 6 am this morning because we had a dog walk planned with Jean and her 3 dogs, but just before we got ready to go, it started drizzling here. If it was just me, I'd go but don't like to take Hiker out in the rain because wet dog does NOT smell good (LOL). Instead of going on the walk, I ran scans on both of my laptops. The “computer spooks” have been invading both of my laptops. The other day, I was working on my Dell laptop and it just suddenly shut down. I checked the plug that goes into the computer, but it was plugged in. I kept trying to reboot but couldn't. I was starting to think it was time for a new laptop, but then I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the other end of the A/C adapter had come unplugged from the power surge strip. Have no idea how it came unplugged. Then I noticed the battery on my Toshiba laptop was not charging even though it was plugged in. I checked to make sure it was all plugged in and it was, so then I took the battery out and plugged the computer in without the battery to check if it would boot up. It did, so that told me that the battery was just not holding a charge. Both of my laptops are about 5 years old and have the original batteries. So I thought I'd have to buy a new battery for it. However, this morning when I turned the Toshiba on, it said it was 100% charged. Have no idea what's going on there. Next I noticed that my external hard drive was not showing up on the laptop I have it plugged into. I in plugged it and plugged it back in twice before it started working again. Like I said “computer spooks”. Went to Sam's Club to pick up some things. No rain yet by noon in fact, the sun was peaking out. Was cloudy again by 3 pm but still no rain. I have to go up to Jean's house around 5:30 pm. She and I are going to share taking care of another neighbor's dog and cat while the other neighbor is away, so we have to see what needs to be done. Jean is taking care of them Thursday and Friday and I am taking care of them Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. Hope your computer problems get sorted out and fixed.


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