Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finally A Trace Amount Of Rain

I was falling asleep on the sofa last night around 7:30 pm while watching TV. I don't know why I was so tired. I did finally wake up enough to watch the 200th episode of “Criminal Minds”. Went to bed around 10:15 pm and fell asleep immediately. When Hiker and I got up this morning, it was partly cloudy and about 40°. I went to Stater Brothers and did my grocery shopping. When I went into the store, the sun was shining, but when I came back out about 30 minutes later, it was totally cloudy and dark. Hiker and I were supposed to go over to Placerita Canyon this afternoon to hike with my friend RuthAnne, but it stated to rain a little at my house and I didn't trust the weather enough to attempt going on a hike, so I texted her to tell her we would not be there. I'm a wimp (LOL). When I first retired, I would walk in pouring down rain and go hiking when it was in the 30s outside. I've either gotten wimpier or smarter...don't know which (LOL). It drizzled a little this morning and then stopped, but then started drizzling again around 1:30 pm. Still won't be enough to help our drought. It would have to rain for a couple of weeks continuously to help. I have been so tired of eating the same old meals all the time here at home. I love pasta but I know that too many carbs are not healthy. I each chicken, fish and lean red meat, but it gets so boring sometimes. My older brother Ron mentioned in an email the other day that he made a tuna casserole for dinner. I remembered my mom used to make that for us when we were little kids because it was cheap and very filling. I had him send me the recipe so I can make it. I have not had it in probably 50 years or so. Think I'll make it next week. Tonight I've decided to have weenies and beans. My mom used to make that for us too.

Hiker checking out the rain drops


  1. I love tuna and I bet the casserole will be so good. Glad you're getting some rain. Looks like Hiker is enjoying it. Take care. Jean

  2. COMFORT food is always good. Hiker looks sweet standing out in the rain.


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