Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Little Cooler Today

Today, my friend Ed, who was Ben’s best friend for over 35 years came and took me to lunch. He does that about every 3 or 4 month. He lives in Pomona, CA. We went to Sizzler and I ate too much as usual (LOL). Prices sure have gone up there. I remember about 3 years ago the all you can eat salad bar for seniors was $7.99 and now it is $11.99. We got to talking about ice cream and what our favorite flavors were and Ed asked me if I liked coffee ice cream. Told him I love it. He asked me if I had trouble finding it at the stores. I told him sometimes I do, and then it is way overpriced, so he showed me how to turn ordinary vanilla ice cream into coffee ice cream.
Was not as hot today as it has been. Still got up to around 90° but felt much better than the 100+ days we had for the past 2 weeks. There was a nice breeze outside too.
Tomorrow I have to take Hiker over to Jean’s house to get her groomed.

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  1. The coffee ice cream sounds good for coffee lovers. Glad the temps there have cooled down a bit.


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