Sunday, September 7, 2014

Restful Sunday

Up at 7 am again this morning. I’m trying to make myself get out of bed and get out for a morning walk. It was already a little warm and humid when Hiker and I left for our walk. Another hurricane is out in the Pacific and it is causing the humidity. Was ever a little cloudy here today, but still hot.
There were a lot of bicycles out again this morning and even a unicycle. Whenever Hiker sees them, she immediately stops and sits down and she won’t move until they have passed.
Got a reply from my doctor about me lowering the dose of my Crestor back down to three times a week. He said that was fine because it should still be beneficial.
Watched some movies on the Hallmark Channel and also made Hiker some homemade dog biscuits. This time I made some bacon ones with real bacon bits. These biscuits are healthier for her than the store bought treats because these are made from whole wheat flower, baking powder, non-fat milk, and eggs.
Was hot and muggy here all day long today.

Photo from our morning walk.


  1. Glad to hear your doctor agrees about cutting back some of the Crestor. Those homemade dog biscuits sound so good, people could eat them. Interesting how Hiker waits for the bikes to pass.

  2. Beautiful picture.The light is so rich and warm.


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