Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Needed Group Today

Up at 7 am to get ready to go to the Senior Center for my weekly support group session. I didn’t get to bed until after 11 pm last night because I stayed up and watched “Under The Dome”. It has been getting really good.
Today would have been Ben’s 64th birthday. I’ve been feeling a little “weepy” for the past few days.
We had a full house at the group today. One new lady who seemed nice, but she didn’t really say much. When our therapist asked if she wanted to speak, she started to tear up, so we just let her listen. We don’t force people. We let them join in when they are ready.
Several of us went to lunch after group. Went over to Round Table Pizza in Newhall.
Got home around 1:30 pm and Hiker “helped” me put the trash bins out by the curb and then we went up to the mailbox to retrieve the mail.
Have to head over to the Kaiser facility in Valencia tomorrow morning to have my mammogram. :-O

I took some photos of the full moon last night with my new camera.


  1. Great pictures of the full moon, Kay. We didn't get to see it... TOO cloudy here... Darn!

    I know that those special days are hard.... God Bless You.


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