Sunday, September 14, 2014

Even Hotter Today

When I got up at 6 am to let Hiker outside, it was already 70°. I’m beginning to feel like I’m in the “Twilight Zone” episode where the sun is moving closer to the earth and everyone is dying off.
Got up around 7:45 am and took Hiker out for a 2 mile walk. It was already almost 80° by that time. At least we got out and did some exercise before it got too hot.
Got home and had a little breakfast and decided to take advantage of the hot weather and put a jug of water and tea bags outside to make some sun tea. It was already 95° at 9:30 am.
By 12:45 pm it was 107° on my patio, so today was the hottest so far of this current heat wave.
Hiker and I stayed inside and I watched an “NCIS” marathon on the USA Channel. These were old episodes with Sasha Alexander was on the show.
109° here at 1:30 pm. We are hotter than the Antelope Valley which is the high desert.

Morning Walk

Later In The Afternoon


  1. Now that is hot, we are getting cooler here and fall is on it way.

  2. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

  3. It is still hot here in South Alabama. I'm hoping some cooler weather will get here soon.


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