Friday, September 12, 2014

Another Very Hot Day

We got out of bed early this morning for our regular Friday dog walk with Jean and her three dogs. Was already getting warm at 7 am and it was a little more humid today than it has been. The bugs were eating us up again.
After the walk, Hiker and I came home and had some breakfast and then I went over to Stater Brothers to do my grocery shopping.
I mixed up the ingredients for a meatloaf and then flopped down on the sofa to stay nice and cool in the air conditioned house.
I did walk up to the mailbox in the late afternoon. Was 104° at that time. We are supposed to get hotter over the weekend and them they say the humidity will be even worse next week because of another hurricane coming up the coast. I don’t ever remember so many hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean.

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  1. You do seem to have quite a few more hurricanes out there this year than on the east coast. That was really hot there today. Here the temps are in the 60's.


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