Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pleasant Day

Up early to get ready to go to my support group today.
Spoke with the ladies that I was going to take on our little local tour. We’ve decided to reschedule our day together since Sunday is supposed to be around 103°. We are aiming at the first Sunday in November, if not then, the first Sunday in December. The reason we want to do the first Sunday of the month is because my friend RuthAnne is a docent at the Historical Society. She volunteers the first Sunday of each month and we want to have her take us on a little tour.
When I got home from my group I had 2 voice mails from the scheduler at my eye doctor’s office. They wanted me to come in tomorrow or Thursday for another injection because I guess the doctor is on a grand jury or something and he has those 2 days free. I told her I could not make it either day. First off, I have to go tomorrow and get that bloodwork done that I could not get done 2 weeks ago and second, I cannot expect Jean to take me over there on such short notice. She has a life and I cannot expect her to just drop everything and take me. They always tell me to have someone drive me when I have an eye injection.
Then the scheduler wanted me to come in during the week that I will be visiting my older brother and I told her I could not make it then either. She said that the doctor is not available again until November so I said “well I guess we will just have to wait until then”. So I now have an appointment for Friday, November 7th and another on Friday, December 5th.
After I got home, I was going to put the trash bins out at the curb. Hiker always gets excited and wants to go out with me. She always jumps up and down and I’m always telling her that she is going to hurt herself. Well she must have twisted her back leg when she came down from jumping because she yipped and was favoring it. She was limping a little at first, but I’ve been watching her and she seems to be OK now. I’m guessing that she just twisted it like we do when we step off of a curb or something. It hurts at first but then we work the soreness out of it. I’ll keep an eye on her to make sure she isn’t limping because if she is, I’ll have to take her to the vet to have it x-rayed. But I think she is OK.

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  1. Good for you not rearranging your schedule for the doctor. The eye will wait. Poor Hiker, twisting her leg like that. Hope she is okay???


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