Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wasted Morning

So I fasted for 20 hours after my lunch with my group friends yesterday because I was going over to Kaiser to do bloodwork for my cholesterol. Well the lab I go to does not open until 9 am, so I get there at 8:45 am and they tell me that the order from my doctor for the bloodwork was scheduled for no earlier than Friday, September 26. They said they could have me speak with the nurse and see if maybe they could open the order earlier, so that’s what I did. The nurse told me that because the doctor had raised my dosage a month ago and then I emailed him about a week and a half ago to tell him that I was having muscle pain, and he told me to lower the dose back down to what I was taking before, that he changed the date for the bloodwork. She said that if we took it now before my body adjusts back to the lower dosage that they might get a false reading. Would have been nice if they had emailed me to tell me that.
It was 90° when Hiker and I went to bed last night a little after 9 pm and it was pretty warm all night. When I we got up at 6 am it was already about 72° outside. By the time I got home from Kaiser around 9:30 am it was already 90°.
I had thoroughly clean and fill my both of my hummingbird feeders. They were pretty dirty. I had bought a set of brushes on Amazon specifically made to clean hummer feeders.
My brother Keith notified me that Apple had a new iOS to download, so I did that on both my iPhone and my iPad. It was a big download so it took quite a while to download and install.
My friend Ed (Ben’s best buddy) is coming tomorrow and he and I will be going to lunch. He and I always talk sit and talk about Ben because they were buds for over 35 years and we both have such great memories of Ben. It’s nice to be with friends who knew Ben so that we can share those memories.


  1. That;s a bummer.Fasting is no fun and then to have done it for nothing.:(

  2. What a terrible thing to happen regarding your test. They should have called or emailed you. ENJOY your lunch with your friend tomorrow. LOVE that pic of Hiker with her toy.


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