Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Hot Day

Up early to meet Jean and her dogs for a dog walk. She is boarding 3 other dogs for a few days, so we had a total of 7 dogs with us. Keith walked Hiker, I took Jean's Sassy and Charlie and Jean had her Timmy and 3 other dogs (Rocky, Ebony and Dodger). We must have been a sight walking through the park. Everyone kept stopping us to pet all of the dogs.
After breakfast, Keith and I headed over to Sam's Club to just wander around and look at things, which is never a good idea because you usually end up buying something you didn't need. We didn't buy anything there, but we were looking at the cameras there and I was talking about getting a new camera since my Canon PowerShot S5 IS is about 10 years old now and sometimes doesn't work as well as it used to, especially since I dropped in several months back while hiking at Vasquez Rocks.
Well we wandered over to Best Buy again because they are having such a huge sale this Labor Day Weekend. I should not have gone to that store again since I just bought the new laptop yesterday there which was on sale for $349.99 because I ended up buying a new Canon PowerShot SX50 HX camera which was on sale for $399.99. It's almost the same camera as my old one that 10 years ago I paid $449.99 for, but it's all upgraded with HD stuff, bigger zoom, better pixels, etc.
Oh well...might as well enjoy my money while I'm on this earth and since I don't have any kids to leave it to...
So now I have 2 new toys to play with.


  1. Hope you enjoy that SX50. I have one as well,it's a nice camera.

  2. The upgraded camera sounds awesome. I look forward to seeing the pictures you take with it. That pup parade on the trail sounded like fun.


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