Friday, September 19, 2014

Nice Day

Had our Friday dog walk with Jean and her dogs, plus she had Dodger, a dog who is staying with her for a few days. We did our walk and then stopped by to pick up Patches who lives across the street from me and Hiker. Both Hiker and Patches were getting bathed and trimmed today.
After Jean was finished grooming the dogs, I left Hiker at her house with all of the other dogs and Jean and I went over to Everest for lunch.
I am so glad the weather has cooled down, but they are saying we may be back up into the triple digits again next week. I was actually able to open my sliding patio door and my front door today and just let the air blow through.
I called Kaiser this afternoon to ask them a few questions about my signing up for their Medicare Senior Advantage plan. I was a little worried about getting my enrollment form into them prior to my trip to Northern California in a few weeks. Wanted to make sure I had time. They told me that they will be mailing the packet with the form right after October 1st and that I have until December 31st to get it back to them, so I guess I have enough time (LOL).
Finally had to turn my A/C on at 3 pm. It got up to 83° in the house, so I want to have it cooled down by bedtime.

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  1. How nice that Hiker got to play with all the other dogs today.


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