Monday, February 2, 2015

A Busy Monday

Up early for our Monday dog walk. Hiker and Schnorkie actually played together some during the doggy play date. Hiker is still a little hesitant about Schnorkie though. He is still a puppy and very “bouncy” and Hiker is not used to that.
After the dog walk, Hiker and I had some breakfast and then I headed over to Sam’s Club. I hate it when you are used to them having a certain brand and then suddenly they no longer have them. I like to buy Tropicana refrigerated orange juice in the gallon size and my Sam’s Club is no longer selling Tropicana, so I’ll have to try to get some at Wal-Mart on Wednesday when I go over there. Wal-Mart had it the last time I needed some.
Got to speak to one of my retired Lockheed friends (Claire Meador) on the phone today. She wanted to discuss the change in our Lockheed Group Insurance. I have not seen her for several years. It was nice to talk to her.
Got a call from the foreman of our community construction crew and he said someone would be here around 3 pm to work on my broken toilet. Hope they don’t run into any problems. I am so tired of having to walk to the front of the house in the middle of the night when I have to go potty.
Aha…he just arrived.

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  1. That is great that Hiker and Schnorkie are becoming friends. Hope your potty got fixed at long last.


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