Friday, February 6, 2015

Finally Friday

Another night of not getting much sleep. It all started when just before 9:30 pm, Time Warner had a major outage. They lost their Internet, TV and phone service. I have Internet and TV with them. I was just getting ready to go to bed when it went out. Ever since Ben died, I cannot go to sleep without having the TV on in my bedroom. The outage lasted almost 3 hours, so I didn’t get to sleep until after 12:30 am. Then while sleeping, I must have been snoring or something because I woke up choking on my own spittle. I started coughing and this went on for almost an hour. So I didn’t get back to sleep again until about 3 am. Got up at 6 am to get ready to go for a dog walk with Jean.
Was very pleased with Hiker this morning. Ever since Jean got Schnorkie, Hiker has been a little apprehensive of him because he is just a puppy and he acts like one. She would try to avoid him and sometimes she would hide under my patio chair. I’ve been talking to her about him, telling her that she needs to make friends with him and start playing with him. Well today she actually instigated playing with him in my yard. They played for about 45 minutes until Jean went home. If you did not see the video of them playing on Facebook, I’ve added a link to the video on YouTube.
I noticed the other evening that there was a tiny leak on the toilet I had fixed last Monday. It was coming from the filler hose. I emptied the toilet tank and noticed that the washer in the filler hose didn’t look like it was seated correctly, so I made an adjustment and now it does not leak. I always changed the filler tube myself when it went bad, so I knew how to fix this problem. I had hired the handyman to fix the flush valve because it involved removing the tank from the toilet, and I had never done that before. Didn’t want to chance messing anything up.
I did some housework and then checked my email and Facebook. Then watched some TV. While watching Y&R, I told Hiker that when it was over she and I could drive up to Vasquez Rocks and hike a little. She is so smart. I always tell her to listen for the closing music on Y&R to know when it’s time to leave. When she hears the music, she comes running to me on the sofa and starts taking my wrist in her mouth and pulling me so I’ll get up and go. I swear she is part human.
The weather was nice today. Sunny and in the low 80’s with high clouds

Here is the link for the video:.

Hiker & Schnorkie At Play

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  1. Love the Schnorkie and Hiker video. Glad you got that leak stopped. Think it is cool about Hiker hearing the Y&R music.


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