Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day Number 3 Of My Cold

Third day of this persistent cold that my body is trying to heal from. Was in bed most of time yesterday and went back to bed right after I had dinner. Slept somewhat better than the night before, but still do not feel all that great today. Don’t really have the bad headache now and my sore throat is gone. Been using my Neti-Pot to decongest my sinuses and that is working well. Still have a slight cough and it is very dry, so I don’t have any chest congestion.
But this morning I have another problem. My lower back seems to have gone out on me. Don’t know if it’s from all of the coughing or what, but I didn’t need for that to happen. Have been using my electronic pulse massager on it and that has helped some. Also took some of the prescription muscle relaxants that I had gotten from the doctor the last time my back went out.
Believe me….these are NOT the Golden Years.
Drizzled here this morning so it was a good day to stay inside, have a fire in the fireplace, watch “The Ghost Whisperer” marathon on CLOO TV, and try to beat this damn virus. I was going to watch movies on Netflix, but my TV would not connect to the Internet for some reason.
I called Jean to tell her that I might be calling my retinal specialist tomorrow to cancel my Tuesday appointment if I don’t feel any better in the morning. Jean drives me to my eye appointments so I wanted her to have a heads up. It is difficult to set up appointments with my retinal specialist because he is so busy, but I’m sure they would not want me at the medical center spreading this bug I’m fighting.
It started raining here around 10:30 am. Not a hard rain, just a drizzle. Did that off and on all day.
I decided to soak in a hot tub for a while. Thought it might help me feel better, which it did somewhat. I was finally able to get my TV in the living room to connect to my Internet. I’ve been watching Steven King’s “The Stand” on Netflix. I am up to episode 3 of 4. I found that if I move my network router into the hallway, the TV connects better. It normally sits on my desk in the front bedroom and I think the walls between the bedroo0m and the living room block the signal.


  1. Oh my I do hope you get better soon !

  2. Talk about a coincidence. We couldn't get the internet to connect with our TV today either. We rebooted the router and it finally did after a couple of attempts. Sounds like you still aren't out of the woods with this very bad cold infection you have. Continue to rest and drink plenty of fluids. The Neti-Pot sounds like it's working well. It is terrible your back went out on top of all this. For sure do not put any more stress and strain on it til it improves. You hang in there. This too shall pass. But it is going to take some time.

  3. Wouldn't you know something always goes out when you need it.
    Hope you are up and out soon.


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