Saturday, February 7, 2015

I was so tired last night. I sat down around 7:00 pm to watch a travel documentary about San Francisco on Amazon and I kept dozing off. I finally gave up and went to bed just before 8 pm and was asleep by 8:30 pm. Hiker woke me up around 5 am because she had not gone out for potty since 7:30 am last night. We went back to bed for a while.
Got up and put some laundry in the washer. Wanted to get it done before I had to go over and pick up Jean. We went to the second annual Golden Years Expo. We didn’t know about it last year, but wanted to go this year. They had information about insurance plans, health care facilities, elder law help, long term facilities, etc. They also gave out a bunch of free stuff like pedometers, pens, lip balm, hand sanitizer, etc. Came home with a bunch of reusable tote bags too which is good because as of July 1st our stores will no longer be using plastic shopping bags.
While at the expo, I ran into my friend Lisa who works for my attorney. She was at the hospital with me many times when Ben was ill. She is a vocational nurse, so my attorney would have her go with me whenever I had trouble getting the doctors to listen to me. Also ran into my friends Linda and Jane from the support group.
After the expo, Jean and I headed over to Lily’s CafĂ© for lunch. Lily’s is always packed with people because their food is good and not very expensive.
When we came out of Lily’s, it had started to rain, so we headed home. Hiker and I just stayed in and watched TV the rest of the day.

Due to the 80+ temps we had last week, my daffodils are blooming already.

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  1. Sounds like visiting the EXPO made for a great day.Meeting up with your friends and all. Not to mention all the freebies. Those daffodils are gorgeous.


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