Thursday, February 12, 2015

Beautiful Day

Finally finished all of the carpet shampooing. I don’t know how I used to do the entire house in one day. Now it takes me three days and I am so pooped.
By 10 am this morning, it was already 77° on my patio. I had both slider doors open (living room and bedroom) and also had the front door open.
After having lunch and watching Y&R, Hiker and I drove down to the liquor store so I could by my lottery ticket for Saturday and then we went for a short walk down to the park and just sat under the gazebo enjoying the wonderful weather we are having. I’m enjoying the weather, but we still need a lot more rain and I’m afraid we won’t get it now.
I would have liked to walk more today, but I was too tired from doing the shampooing. I’ll get in a walk tomorrow. Jean and I are going over to Simi Valley to the place where Corriganville used to be to walk around the grounds and then we are going over to The Hat for lunch.


  1. Y&R is getting good, isn't it? Glad your carpet is clean..


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