Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hot Day - Short Hike

Stayed in bed until around 7:45 am this morning then got up and made waffles for breakfast. After breakfast, I washed my sheets and towels and checked email and Facebook.
Watched TV for a while. Then there was another outage with Time Warner, so the TV went off. I decided to take Hiker over to Towsley Canyon for a hike. I know that I keep saying it, but I sure am NOT in good shape anymore. I used to be able to hike 3 to 4 miles with no problem at all, but now I’m lucky if I can do 2 miles. My feet hurt, my leg muscles hurt. I must say though that it was about 80° by the time we got to Towsley so the heat didn’t help either. There were a lot of people there hiking today.
Got back home and the thermometer on my patio read 93° so it was hotter today than it was yesterday. What’s strange is, that when I let Hiker outside at 6 am, it is only about 40° so I have to run the heater for a while to get the chill off the house before we get out of bed.
Since I had shampooed the carpet all of last week, I remembered that I had not cleaned the guest bathroom. Since my friend Ed (Ben’s best buddy) is coming tomorrow to take me to lunch, I thought I’d better clean it.


  1. Beautiful photos. Enjoy your lunch tomorrow.

  2. It's icing here! Send us some warmth! Hope you and Hiker enjoy your day!


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