Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Finally Went To The Dodtor

Didn’t sleep at all last night. My head ached, my nose was stuffed up. I was coughing. I know that Jean gets up at 5:30 am so I called her around 5:40 am and asked her if I was able to get an appointment with my doctor today, would she drive me and she said yes. So I went online and got an appointment this afternoon.
Tried to sleep some this morning, but still felt like crap. I was so tired of drinking fluids that I was having to force them down, plus now I wasn’t that hungry, but I still forced myself to eat.
After my doctor checked me out, he said I have a “common cold”. I thought that’s what it was, but since I’m older now, I worry that it might turn into pneumonia, plus I wasn’t getting any better. He said my lungs were clear. He told me I’m actually only into the 4th whole day of the cold and that usually the first 5 days are the worse, then you start to feel better, even though it still take about 10 days to completely get over a cold.
So he told me to just keep getting rest, drink fluids and take Tylenol for my headache. He said I could get some OTC cold meds if I wanted to. But he said they don’t always help that much. I’m allergic to Codeine, so he said there was need for him to give me prescription cough syrup.
He said a lot of people have been coming in with colds thinking they have the flu.


  1. I am glad you finally went to the Doctor . Yes lots of people mistaken the symptoms of a cold as a flu a cold is the symptoms you have a flu is fever either a hot or cold fever , vomiting , body aches badly , exhaustion . I am allergic to Codeine as well . Thankfully I haven't had either the flu or a common cold in years . I hope you get plenty of R&R and feel better soon !

  2. glad it wasn't the flu , I was sure that is what you had.
    You will be better soon and back on the trial.

  3. You were wise to go to doctor. A cold can very easily turn into pneumonia,, so it was best to check it out. Although finding out you have at least 5 more days to endure this does not sound good. Stay warm, hydrated and rest.


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