Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nice Thursday

Got up early because I had fasted last night for blood work this morning at Kaiser. I have my annual check-up with my doctor on March 4th, so I emailed him and had him order the blood work now so he’d have my results when I go to see him.
While at Kaiser, there was this one woman, probably about my age, who was waiting for some lab work. She came in right behind me, so she was due to go in after me. There were two other people ahead of me. Well this woman was one of those who paces. They have a clip board on the counter that the lab technician checks for who is next (they call your number). Every time the tech called someone in, the woman went to the clip board and looked at it. I was number 66, so when 65 was called, I knew I was next. The woman got up and went over to the clip board again and kept standing there. When the tech came out and called 66, she saw the woman standing there and asked if she was number 66 and the woman said yes. I had already gotten up and was heading into the lab because I was 66. Well the tech saw me and asked the woman for her number ticket and when the tech saw that hers was 67, she told the woman she’d be next after me. First off…I hate people who pace like that at doctor’s offices. Then I’m thinking how stupid she was to claim she was number 66, thinking that she’d get in faster. Some people have a lot of balls.
After I left Kaiser, I headed over to Sam’s Club gas station to fill my car, then I went across the street to Wal-Mart. I decided since I had to fast all night and couldn’t have breakfast that I’d pick up a take & bake pizza for my lunch while I was there shopping.
Watched Y&R and had lunch then Hiker and I went over to Placerita Canyon for a short hike. This is one of my favorite times of the year to hike because everything is so green.
Was in the mid-80’s today.

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  1. How rude of that woman to try and butt in line ahead of you. Glad you had your ticket handy. Hiker looks sweet in this photo.


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