Thursday, October 27, 2011

Finally Felt Like Autumn Today

It was only 43° this morning when Hiker and I woke up and went out for our morning walk. There was frost on the grass down in the park. When we got back, I had breakfast and then cleaned my master bathroom and mopped my kitchen floor. While cleaning the bathroom I started remembering how when I'd clean it when Ben was alive, I'd tell him he needed to “aim” a little better. If her were here now, I would not scold him for not aiming. Funny how once you lose someone, things that bothered you about them doesn't seem such a big deal now. My friend Sandi came by to meet Hiker. After she left, I headed over to Sam's Club to pick up a few things. I saw that their chicken and rice dry dog food is a lot cheaper than what I was buying at PetSmart, so I picked up a bag of it for Hiker. It was a beautiful day here once it warmed up from this morning. In the mid-70's and very sunny and breezy. In the afternoon, I took Hiker for her second walk of the day. This time I took her over to the community of Bridgeport. She had a lot of new things to check out there. Ducks and turtles being the main things. I think she enjoyed it. Got my health plan package from Lockheed (the company I retired from) in the mail today for my annual enrollment. My plan went up almost $80 per month, but if I change to the other one they are offering me, I would be paying almost $200 more per month, have a $2000 deductible and have to pay $25 for my medications (I know pay $10) and I'd have to pay 40% of the doctor's visits. The more expensive one is a PPO instead of and HMO. I would really prefer to drop Kaiser because they did not take care of Ben, but I cannot really afford the PPO. Health Insurance is such a rip-off.


  1. It looks like the Hiker and you are into a routine, enjoying each others company on those morning walks, I'm happy to read this :)
    Health insurance is unbelievably expensive, we have two policies and still end up paying ...
    You are correct about the 'don't sweat the small stuff', it's insignificant in the scheme of things.
    Happy Autumn Kay !

  2. I guess losing a loved one puts the little things into perspective. It is so good to hear that you and Hiker are enjoying each other.

  3. I have found Petsmart is a lot higher in price that Walmarts. Since I am unable to do the things I would like to do it doesn't bother me near as much as it did before. I would still like a clean house though. Helen


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