Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lunch Out With The Girls Today

Boy do I hate the fact that the days are getting shorter, especially when it's all cloudy and gray outside. Around 6:00 pm last night, I just felt so alone even though Hiker was here with me. I sat and cried for about 10 minutes. I was missing Ben so much. Found out that Hiker loves chicken. I cooked a skinless chicken breast for dinner last night. I cut about 1/3 of it off for her while it was raw and boiled hers in plain water on the stove. I had mine in the crock pot with seasonings. When I cut hers up and gave it to her, she inhaled it and was looking for more. Took Hiker out for her morning walk and I was so proud of her because she FINALLY did a good hefty potty while out on her walk. I was telling her what a good girl she was and then what does she do? I get her home and put her out in the backyard to go wee wee and she keeps wanting to come back into the house, so I figure after 10 minutes she doesn't need to go. I let her in and she immediately pees on the carpet in the living room. I scolded her and put her back outside for 15 more minutes. When I let her back in, she knew she had done something wrong because she was trying to make up with me. Linda came by at 10:30 am and we put Hiker in the garage so we could drive up to Palmdale to the Hometown Buffet and have lunch with several of my retired girlfriends. Hiker barked as we were leaving, which is a first for her and I think it is because she is now used to Linda coming by and the 3 of us going for hike and she thought we were going hiking without her. She is just too smart for her own good (LOL). We had a really nice time with the girls. It's always fun getting together with them and they were all asking me about Hiker. Got home around 2:00 pm and Linda came in with me. We opened the door to the garage and Hiker come running to both of us. She was so excited that I was home. I promised her I'd take her for another walk, so I need to do that soon.


  1. I am so tickled that you have a dog! I don't know if it will help but I had to take my dog out every 45 minutes when I was home and eventually she went and I could praise praise praise! Drove me crazy but after 6 weeks she got it. IT's a lot of work but it's well worth it. She only wants to pee outside now and poop. lol They have to have a few "wins" and "praises" to get it, I think. Course mine is a poodle and I've heard they are easy to train. Maybe you can look up tips on internet. But I'm glad you have a buddy.

  2. Good picture of you and hiker, Jean.


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