Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hiker Is Going To Walk Me Till My Feet Fall Off

Hiker woke me up a couple of times during the night and I got up and put her outside for awhile because she did not potty before we went to bed and I was a little worried that she might go in the house. Then she woke me up earlier than normal wanting to eat and then go for her morning walk, so we were out walking when it was still a little bit dark. Being out that early brought back memories of when I first retired. Since I was used to getting up early to commute to work, I would get up before the sun and go for my morning walks. Ben would stay in bed. When I got home from my walk, Ben would still be in bed watching the morning news and he'd make faces at me with the covers pulled halfway over his face. I thought of those days and cried while Hiker and I were walking this morning. Turned out that today was a day for memories of Ben and for tears and sobbing. I started watching a movie on The Hallmark Channel and made the mistake of saying the word “walk” and Hiker heard me, so she bugged the heck out of me until I gave in and took her out for her second walk of the day. When we got back, Hiker settled down in front of the fireplace (which I no longer use but she loves lying in front of it) and I settled down to watch the “Good Witch” movies marathon on Hallmark. It was another beautiful day here. Actually got up to almost 90° but really didn't feel that warm.

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