Saturday, October 22, 2011

Very Busy Saturday

Well I spoke too soon yesterday when I said I thought of Ben and didn't cry. When I stepped into the shower last evening, I thought of him and did cry. When I got out of the shower, Hiker was lying on the bed looking at me and trying to make me smile. Had to get up an hour earlier today so I could get hiker fed and out to potty before I had to leave to go and get Linda to head over to the Hyatt for Make A Difference Day. I put Hiker out in the garage with her nylon crate because that's the one she sleeps in and I figured she would feel safer in that one. I put the garage A/C on a timer so it would come on just about the time it started to warm up. It was only in the high 50's when I left to pick up Linda. We drove over to the Hyatt Hotel and signed in to volunteer, picked up my free T-Shirt then headed over to the Senior Center where we had been assigned to work. Around 9:00 the got us all together for a group photo before we started working. I would estimate there was between 30 and 50 volunteers at the Senior Center. They were painting an office trailer both inside and out, re-carpeting it and fixing up the flower beds outside. Linda and I asked to work with the cleaning up of the flower beds and planting. We planted several plants, raked leaves and picked them up, pulled weeds, etc. Chick-Fil-A showed up with sandwiches around 11:45, so I had lunch and then headed home because Hiker had been all alone for over 4 hours. When I got home I came into the house, opened the garage door that leads into the house. It's a good thing I was already down on one knee because Hiker was so happy to see me that she knocked me over and smothered me with kisses. I took her for a short walk down to Discovery Park because she was upset that she didn't get to go for a walk this morning and I promised her when I got home, I'd take her out. I was so tired from Make A Difference Day that I only walked about 1/2 mile with her. I'm pooped!


  1. Seems like Hiker is going to be so good for you.

  2. It must be a welcome sight to be greeted like that.


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